Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center

At The University of Mississippi


BWAC Mission

BWAC aims to address issues of spectrum through novel broadband technologies. We will work with industry and academic partners to pursue large-scale research programs and create new visions for the wireless industry.

Demand from users for wireless data traffic is expected to increase with the advent of smart phones and other portable devices. Demand cuts across various sectors: radar, electronic warfare (hardware and waveforms), opportunistic spectrum access/allocation technologies, low-power design for broadband applications, health care, cloud computing, wireless cyber security, and smart grid technology.

Benefits to Industry Affiliates

  • Royalty-free non-exclusive IP to all industry members from all of the schools for internal use
  • Royalty-bearing exclusive license can be purchased from any of the schools (non-exclusive part goes away in that case)
  • Semi-annual board meetings
  • Networking with faculty and students at other member schools
  • Collaboration with faculty for large proposals (for example, to NSF, DARPA, ONR, ARO, AFOSR)